All over the world, public officials are under increasing pressure to meet carbon reduction mandates. At the same time, the general public is suffering from crippling traffic jams.

“Smart growth” principles offer a remedy for both problems. These principles focus on where to best locate town workers and small businesses to expedite development of pedestrian-oriented communities and reduce auto dependency. Combining geospatial tools and available data, these smart growth models can be developed and easily visualized to aid in the decision making process.

The Solution

The 2MAPS solution includes the only spatial algorithm built for assigning every parcel in America a categorical score to formulate overlay zones that identify optimal development areas to increase affordable housing while improving traffic flows.

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• Decreases traffic congestion

• Reduces a community’s carbon footprint

• Increases availability of affordable housing

Positive economic impact due to increased investments and rent

Whether you’re in traffic engineering, economic development, regional planning, or with a company that services those markets, this is an optimized solution that immediately addresses one of the most prevalent issues facing this country today.

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