App Developers

The CUSA database contains or links to the authoritative source for property information from local jurisdictions all across the country; all in a standardized format providing app developers to write one app that can be applied nationwide.

Mobile Apps Wanted

CUSA’s standardized national property dataset is available to mobile app developers willing to license their app to serve millions of homeowners directly and through the businesses that serve them. If you have a great idea, we need an app for that!

National Coverage

The CUSA database contains or links to the authoritative source of property information either as data is provided by CUSA partner jurisdictions, as CUSA provides a link to individual county’s websites, and/or acquires data from the most current or accurate private sources available.  In addition to the real estate data CUSA has 100% parcel boundary coverage for all parcels indicated in green in the map below.  The result is the perfect platform for entrepreneurs nationwide to develop mobile apps and deploy SaaS (Software as a Service) and Mobile applications to both the private and public sectors.

With CUSA’s access to the real estate data for over 100 million parcels through a single portal and in a common open standard format, it encourages software developers to innovate and create a single application that can be run against data nationwide.


CourthouseUSA Data Standard

CUSA data standard is built on the platform designed by MISMO®, the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization. From the MISMO website: “MISMO is the leading technology standards development body for the residential and commercial real estate finance industries, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mortgage Bankers Association. To learn more about MISMO visit website.

Although MISMO serves the mortgage industry, their standard contains multiple data fields related to the appraisal real estate market. CUSA has used the MISMO standard as a backbone for the CUSA Data Standard. Additional data fields not in the MISMO standard, that are typically found in the assessor CAMA data base, have been added resulting in a comprehensive CUSA Data Standard.

The CUSA Data Standard takes the data from local governments “as-is” and BSI’S National Parcel Data Portal (NPDP) and then maps the data to the CUSA Data Standard. The result enables innovators and entrepreneurs to develop applications running against the standardized data.

For a listing of the CUSA data fields available click here.

For a listing of of the available NPDP data fields and metadata sample click here.

API Ready

The CourthouseUSA API enables searching and accessing property data from across the United States. But more importantly, you can leverage this API in your own application. API keys are free and the API itself is simple to integrate with.

To request an API Key or read the API documentation click on this link: Request an API Key.