30 Oct 2015

Welcome Billy Burle!

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To all, Billy Burle is new to CourthouseUSA and he’s brought with him some of the latest techniques for illustrating our most successful 3rd party applications, like this field data collection system from Data Cloud Solutions. It works with any CAMA system, and with real time tracking and live QC, users are reporting 100% ROI within 12 to 16 months. Click here to see just how amazing it is.

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18 Sep 2015
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A New Smart Growth & Sustainable Development Solution for You and Your Clients

2MAPS is a geospatial-based application that provides a parcel-level affordable housing location and traffic reduction model to aid in “smart growth” and sustainable development.

The Problem

All over the world, public officials are under increasing pressure to meet carbon reduction mandates. At the same time, the general public is suffering from crippling traffic jams. “Smart growth” principles offer a remedy for both problems. These principles focus on where to best locate town workers and small businesses to expedite development of pedestrian-oriented communities and reduce auto dependency. Combining geospatial tools and available data, these smart growth models can be developed and easily visualized to aid in the decision making process.

The Solution

The 2MAPS solution includes the only spatial algorithm built for assigning every parcel in America a categorical score to formulate overlay zones that identify optimal development areas to increase affordable housing while improving traffic flows.

How it works

A Relative Walk Potential map layer is created by first mapping all the destination parcels (retail, service, amenities) and buffering those parcels by a certain radius. The resulting Relative Walk Potential map assigns a categorical walkability rating to each parcel according to the total number of nearby destinations.

The Relative Walk map is then overlayed with parcels that are considered candidates for development (multi-family, commercial, office, mixed use).  The intersecting parcels from these 2 maps creates the High Walk Overlay Zone essentially identifying parcels that are optimal for redevelopment to offer affordable housing for town workers based on walkability



The same process is used to create a Relative Transit Potential map although this time, a categorical walkability rating is assigned to each parcel according to the total number of nearby destinations factoring each parcel based on transit potential using bus stop and accessible jobs data. Like the Relative Walk Potential map, the transit map is overlayed and intersected with the candidates for development parcels to create High Transit Overlay Zone essentially identifying parcels optimal for redevelopment based on public transit access.


The final outcome when combining the High Walk Overlay Zone and theHigh Transit Overlay Zone is the Climate Change Overlay Zone, where, locating town worker housing, retail, and rent control will decrease traffic and trip generation as well as greatly reduce the area’s carbon footprint the most. The pink area in the Climate Change Overlay represents the high trip generation reduction zone.



  • Decreases traffic congestion
  • Reduces a community’s carbon footprint helping to reverse climate change
  • Increases affordable housing
  • Added housing inventory expedites compliance with new HUD Fair Housing Act Guidelines

Whether you’re in traffic engineering, economic development, regional planning, or with a company that services those markets, this is an optimized solution that immediately addresses one of the most prevalent issues facing this country today.

Contact me at billy@courthouseusa.com to discuss how we can partner to help apply sustainable “smart growth” principles.

14 Jan 2015

Rental Property

Rental Property –

Securitization of the single family rental home market is Wall Street’s latest foray into the estimated trillion dollar bond market. If everybody pays their rent and doesn’t trash the property, both the big companies who’ve become landlords and the bond holders should earn a nice return. Although American Homes 4 Rent and Blackstone’s Invitation Homes are examples of the big companies getting into the market, Wall Street has found a way to finance the Mom and Pop landlords too. As a result, the opportunity for investors is nationwide and investors are clamoring to get in on the ground floor.

CourthouseUSA is offering a cell phone crowd-sourcing app that allows homeowners to help local governments keep track of the rental properties in their neighborhood. It’s free to the public, costs local government about $500 per month, and serves as a great PR tool promoting citizen involvement.

To read the latest on this new investment opportunity driving up the price of rental homes, check out these two articles:



And for a little background information regarding the securitization of the rental home bond market, check out these two articles:



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