Commercial Reports

Thank you for your interest in CourthouseUSA’s full-service option for Moore Cost Online. Since you’re here, chances are you need an independent cost estimate in report form, like the one below, perhaps to serve as support for an existing value for a commercial property under appeal?

To receive a completed report for a property at a cost of $50 per building, simply send an email to and along with an attached Property Record Card for one or any number of commercial/industrial properties.

In addition, if you’d like to have the estimate reviewed and/or supported throughout an appeal by an independent Certified Appraiser, we can match you up with one for an additional fee.
If it is determined there are insufficient data to produce a credible cost estimate, you will be notified and not invoiced for that particular property.  Otherwise, you will receive an invoice via email for the records that were processed at the rate of $50.00 each.