Desktop Review – Easy to Implement and Affordable

Tele-working provides the perfect opportunity to locate source data, analyze, scrub, fix what you can at the desktop, and identify only those properties that will need an on-site visit. The result: good data and the least number of parcels requiring a field visit in the future.

Whether the objective is to keep employees busy when practicing social distancing, or just employing cost effective “Data First” best practices, using data that’s already available in-house or from a myriad of public and private sources, makes sense. Providing employees with 24/7 remote access from home or office, to data in your jurisdiction’s secure corner of the cloud, is fast and affordable.Examples of what they could be doing:

Verify data (Grade, Condition, Style, Ext Wall, Roof Style and Material).

Flag properties that need a photo or sketch. identify outliers.

Review neighborhood boundaries, flagging boundaries that have shifted.

Identify improvements visible on the aerial imagery and not in CAMA.

Generate cost approach reports.

Run sales ratio reports, identify values that are too high or too low.

Narrow the scope of work to only those properties that need a field review

PLUS: consider these ballpark prices and the potential Return on Investment

For desktop review and sketch validation, the typical Data Cloud Solution client county with 100,000 parcels, will need at least 5 DTR licenses, at least 2 MA field data collection licenses and pay only $40,000 plus the first year support and maintenance of $17,000. Unlimited use and sync from and back to CAMA included. Just 57 cents per parcel the first year and 17 cents per parcel after that. Click HERE to learn more and get a quote.

NOTE: To generate a commercial cost report using Moore Precision Cost Tables, go to www.MooreCostOnline.comSubscribe in bulk and pay only $18.00 for a file-ready cost report.