Land Banks

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Need an approach to managing vacant and abandoned properties? You’re in luck!  CourthouseUSA now provides a solution for both Land Bank personnel and for citizens to help crowdsource relevant information.

For Land Bank personnel, Our MA Lite application, running on an iPad would allow your staff to pre-load a work list or designate specific parcels to be visited in the field.  The mobile device’s GPS “ping” visible on the screen, guides the user from one highlighted parcel to the next, all the while in real time, keeping track of parcels that have been completed and those yet to do.  Click on the following picture to view a short Prezi presentation.

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For citizens, our Vacant Land app is a crowd-sourcing cell phone app that empowers citizens to participate by being the Land Bank’s eyes on every block, helping to keep track of vacant properties as they are abandoned, are being renovated and eventually inhabited.  This app is so simple, so intuitive, that anyone with a smart phone can download it and start submitting information including photos.  No need for training or help screens.  It’s that simple.  Just 4 screens.


The two apps working in tandem is a tailor made solution for Land Banks.  As properties are submitted by citizens, their information and photos would go into the MA Lite database where they are reviewed at the desktop, and from there downloaded to an iPad or tablet as target parcels for a field review.