MA Lite

MA Lite is a lightweight version of MobileAssessor, the #1 selling mobile application for field appraisers.

MA Lite is an inexpensive subscription-based data review and image capture tool that can be implemented within 30 days to ensure your appraisers are more effective in the field without the long CAMA integration implementations. 

MA Lite is the perfect solution if you are:

A small to midsize jurisdiction with a limited budget

Shopping for a new CAMA system

Going through a CAMA conversion

Requiring an immediate solution with a shortened implementation timeframe

Preparing for a door to door data review

Starting an in-house street view image capture project

A reappraisal firm

With MA Lite you can easily upload worklists, calculate the most optimized route for visits, review property data, verify or edit fields, and take a photo. The photos are automatically synchronized with your data-file in real-time and will always contain parcel, location, date, and time information.

The application works in a connected or disconnected mode. If you’re in an area without connection, keep working and the data will be uploaded once you’re connected again.

Real-Time Quality Control

Never again have to wait for field documents to be returned to the office and data entered to begin your quality control procedures. With instant access to data changes as they are being made in the field you can avoid costly remediation efforts that compound as mistakes accumulate; and, complete your project in a fraction of the time, with higher quality results. Managers can send alerts and recommendations from the office desktop to the field appraisers or data collectors, to “recalibrate their focus” to your standards, to issue new assignments, or to reject erroneous data changes before it reaches the production file. Data changes are highlighted based upon their change status, and each parcel’s audit-trail easily accessible with the click of a mouse.

Real-Time Administrative Dashboard & Reports

Not only does the application keep track of what needs to be done, but who did what, where, and when. Supervisors in the office have live access to work being done in the field; which serves as a security measure for field employees who may need immediate help, and provides for unparalleled transparency. Additionally, the real-time status updates, productivity reports, and other administrative dashboard features are sure to save countless hours of manpower; which allows for a much more efficient use of time, ensuring a successful field data collection/review project!

Prices based on a minimum of a 1 year subscription