Mobile Alert

Mobile Alert provides property appraisers and optionally, citizens a simple tool to send property condition information to the Tax Assessment office. Next time you’re in the field and you notice something that needs to be reported or researched, simply take a location tagged picture, verify the address, and upload the data.

It was originally developed as a simple and free cloud-based app for citizens using iPhone® and Android smartphones to report on issues of public concern. The downloadable app has an intuitive interface that allows you to complete a report and send it to the cloud service in just a few minutes.

Citizens simply download the app for iPhone via iTunes® or for Android smartphones via GooglePlay™. This straightforward app makes it easy for people to:

• Take a photo of the incident

• Choose an appropriate category

• Enter an optional comment

• Enter location (if the GPS accuracy is poor, a map will be provided)


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The information is received by the cloud service and periodically directed to appropriate personnel in the subscribing organization.

Mobile Alert is a ready-to-run, cloud-based solution with no IT requirement, freeing your organization to concentrate on business and not technology.