Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones 

Investing in real estate carries risk, even more so when investing in distressed properties, but that’s exactly what’s required to take advantage of the tax benefits associated with investing in Opportunity Zones.  You can minimize that risk with information about each and every property, in each and every zone.  Beginning later this year, Opportunity Zone Fund Managers will be tasked with securing the investment needed to revitalize these under-served communities.  Many have already started researching properties and thus opportunities for investment within the 8700 certified zones nationwide.  As an example, let’s look at the commercial properties in Florida’s 429 zones.

ValueArmor contains over 250,000 commercial properties in Florida; 97,396 of which have an independent current market value based on valid sales information.  Of that 97,396, 14,278 are located in Opportunity Zones.  If one were interested in industrial properties, they would find 3,498 properties under-assessed and thus likely an even better investment opportunity.   Information minimizes risk.

Of all the properties in Opportunity ones in Florida, many have EPA directives and some are already eligible for a Brownfield grant.

There’s no better to way to absorb information than visually. CourthouseUSA provides an interactive tool which allows users to filter on data points and drill down to reveal information that would have been lost in the columns and rows of a spreadsheet.

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