Sketch Validation FAQ

What does a SV project  involve?

The sketch in CAMA is compared to what’s visible on the ground by either drawing sketch vectors over the outline of a structure on aerial photography or visually comparing the jpeg of the structure to what’s visible on aerial photography.

Why do a SV project?

Typically 10% of the sketches won’t match to some degree as a result of improvements built without a permit, sketch program conversion errors, or mistakes made measuring an improvement years earlier.

How much does it cost?

Depends on what approach you take and whether the work is done in-house or out-sourced.

For a project that’s out-sourced, expect to pay no more than 50 cents per sketch plus a set-up fee and seat licenses to review and edit.

For a project that’s done in-house, expect to pay half that.

If a project is out-sourced, does that mean the work is done off-shore?

It can be.  Sketch Validation, LLC offers both.  The cost to do work stateside typically costs 6 cents per sketch more than work done overseas.

What data is required?

1)    Sketch Vectors or jpeg images linked to Parcel ID

2)    Aerial Photography with GIS Parcel Layer

How long does it take?

Out-sourced projects are processed and delivered to accommodate the client’s workflow process for reviewing and editing the sketches; i.e. delivered in a continuous flow and at a pace that allows for an immediate review.

In-house projects are done by the staff as time allows and resources are available.  The objective is to keep people productive throughout the year and when statutory demands of the office are less.

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