Sketch Validation

Sketch Validation On-line, On Demand 

Sketch Validation On-line On Demand allows jurisdictions to match the cost of finding and fixing mistakes with the revenue generated, all the while utilizing people and resources in the most efficient way possible. Additionally, this SaaS (Software as a Service) app is based on the idea that validating sketches isn’t a one-time event. Rather it’s an on-going effort to keep sketches current and know which sketches have been verified, when and by whom. The system is there keeping track in perpetuity. It follows then that as resources are applied and only when available, a jurisdiction can spread-out the cost and at a fraction of the cost of an out-sourced one-time approach.

Although a sketch validation project is expected to identify value that’s not already on the books, its primary purpose is fair and equitable assessment. Consequently, when sketch validation is part of a neighborhood-wide property data review, every taxpayer in the neighborhood benefits. Neighborhood by neighborhood, every parcel is reviewed, some with mis-matched sketches and some with an improvement for which there should be a sketch, but non exists.

SaaS applications, operating in the cloud are allowing jurisdictions of any size, to take advantage of best practices applications at a cost never before thought possible. For example, 25 cents per sketch whenever the initial flag is set. The sketch is correct? 25 cents. The sketch is incorrect? 25 cents. The sketch is fixed? Zero, since the sketch had already been reviewed and a flag set. For jurisdictions who join the CUSA network, there’s no set-up fee; just a penny per sketch annual hosting fee. For all others, the set-up fee is $1000 – $10,000 depending on the size of the jurisdiction. Go to “Join the Network” on the Home Page to learn more.

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