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The absolute fastest way to identify potentially over-appraised and under-appraised properties in Florida


As an alternative to subscribing to ValueArmor Gold as a self-service application (Subscription Site) for data filtering, analysis, and exporting, CourthouseUSA is also offering a full-service spreadsheet option. We have AVM values for over 97,000 commercial properties in Florida and have identified approximately 30,000 over-appraised and 50,000 under-appraised properties. Simply fill out the form below for the spreadsheet you want and we’ll deliver to your inbox.  The $4,950 will be due before the data is sent. We are accepting credit card or check payments. 

What you get

Spreadsheet of properties that match your criteria selected below with property attributes, Automated Valuation Model (AVM) value, and ratios to quickly identify properties that are under or over appraised.


Sample spreadsheet

Commercial Automated Valuation Model (AVM)

Patrick M. O’Connor, developer of the ValueArmor valuation model, is known to the mass appraisal industry as one of the most knowledgeable and respected modelers.  ValueArmor makes use of the best of geographic information systems (GIS) and statistical modeling techniques to create a supportable comparable sales program. Pat’s model uses the International Association of Assessing Officers’ (IAAO) hybrid model specification.  The AVM values are for over 97,000 property with buildings over 5,000 square feet of building

Using GIS, ValueArmor’s location adjustment percentage is created by comparison to other surrounding commercial properties that have sold recently. 

These location adjustments are checked and adjusted in the valuation model to provide the best possible standard estimates of market value. The model is used to filter the comparable sold properties to the best set of comparable sold properties and adjust the selected comparable sales to the subject property’s property characteristics. While ValueArmor will only use the best comparable sold properties, ValueArmor will have all available sales in its database for consideration.

    Under / Over based on industry standard ratios of AVM to Appraised Values
    Select property type(s) above or select up to 3 property uses with the drop-down boxes below

After you hit Submit, to pay by credit card and receive your customized property spreadsheet same day, click the buy now button. Reports cost $4,950 per spreadsheet. To pay by check, type “pay by check” in the Additional Instructions box above.

Contact Billy Burle via email at or phone at 615-944-9040 if you have any questions