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CourthouseUSA has teamed-up with geographic Data Base Management Systems to provide local governments with geo-auditing services. A Geoaudit ™ begins and ends with current accurate addresses; one for every location where someone can live or work. The objective is to create a reference file to which all location based revenue source files can be compared. Aerial imagery overlayed over a street centerline file with street names, types, directions, address ranges and jurisdictional boundaries identified is the backbone on which the reference file is built that will eventually include business suites, apartments and mobile homes.

Geoaudit ™ revenue source files are selected on the basis of availability and through analysis, the extent to which the audit will identify missing or misappropriated revenue. Type I audits identify data elements that are incorrect or missing. Type II audits identify instances where entire records are missing or misallocated to the wrong jurisdictions.

Geo-auditing may be the most significant technology effecting local government to ensure to the extent possible the collection of every dollar due in taxes and fees.   And perhaps most importantly, geo-auditing addresses  equity:  The public is not in favor of new taxes and fees until all pay their fair share for existing taxes and fees.  Geo-auditing provides the means to go beyond the traditional random sample audit methodology and conduct a near 100% review of each and every record.

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