Moore Cost Online

Moore Cost Online

Online & On-demand Commercial Cost Calculator

Moore Precision Cost has pioneered a revolutionary new method for Commercial and Industrial cost models that result in more accurate estimates of replacement cost new (RCN) by correcting flaws in existing models and tables offered by others. Access to the Moore Cost Tables are now available ONLINE!

With the online calculator, you can enter key descriptive elements of commercial & industrial real property by building section and floor level such as structure type, exterior wall type and height, building perimeter, and multiple building uses.

Generate a detailed estimate of replacement cost new with ability to apply depreciation with flexibility

Fee-based on entire buildings, not per section

More data precision and detail = more estimating accuracy

Moore Cost Online is user-friendly and includes options to pay as you go or buy in bulk with detailed reports. Users get more choices, greater flexibility and accuracy at a more affordable price!

Moore Cost Online uses Moore Precision Cost Approach Models with Craftsman Unit-in-Place Costs

Full-Service Offering

In addition to the self-service option, we are offering a full-service option where you send us the Property Record Card and we enter the data for you and deliver the report right to your inbox.